roddelen is dutch for gossips
hey entah kenapa im hearing gossips about other ppl, about me lately
kyk bener2 numpuk gtu
semuanya frustrating
gossips can kill
can kill respect, can kill love, can kill tolerance and understanding
it wipes out compassion

ppl should stop believing what other ppl said about other ppl
really.. ya ampun..
how come they can b so mean?

why dont they reflect at themselves first, before exaggerating bout other ppl's fault?
yg juga myb was not like what it seems?
i've seen enough ppl hurt by this

they seem not to bother
to ask the particular person, "whats wrong? whats going on?"
they prefer to hv their own opinion n talk behind that person's back
opinions, merely opinions
weak statements
but made believable
from ppl who are letting their minds rot by not practising compassion to others

and the rumours spread
n was treated like a fact
they made it as a base to judge
point and frown at
killing more happiness on the way
made me wish that i know no human being at all

4 komentar:

elvin.priyadi mengatakan...

digosipin itu fun loo


u know, i thought u never care about gossips.

bcoz u know what the hardest part from the gossip is?

its based on reality.

the mouse mengatakan...

1. sometimes it is fun. but when it began to hurt (ourselves or other ppl) it became no-fun anymore

2. like i said, i dont care as long as it doesnt hurt anybody

3. reality? which reality are u talking about?

elvin.priyadi mengatakan...

tidak ada asap tanpa api

thats what they say.

if its bother you, then you probably could see a tiny bit of truth there.

if it doesnt bother you, then the gossip is totally wrong

the mouse mengatakan...

yaa.. and its funny when ppl only look at the smoke and try to interpret it in their own way (talking of smoke signal, hehe)

"its bothering because its kinda true" -> its ur opinion, i cant take it as a fact because i dont agree with that, its not applicable to everybody