i dont know you
i dont know me anymore
i dont know us
i dont know who we are anymore
i dont know what i want
i dont know what u want
i dont know what i have to do
why do i have to make myself lost and confused?

3 komentar:

elvin.priyadi mengatakan...


no its summer!!

and not spring!!
its outside the season.

itss..ooh, you know what i mean.

nez mengatakan...

ulma, wot happened wif ur old blog?
kok bisa gitu?

jadi takut blogku tiba2 ilang...
hiks.. half of my life (which is my short stories) is there..

the mouse mengatakan...

elv: i know its not the season but i cant help it, huehuaheuha

nez: hmm emg rada weird.. ngeri juga kl ngebayangin if someday the whole system broke down and, and.. our life went with it -.-