closing a chapter

for some people, July would be a closure to a chapter in their life. Most of my good friends were leaving the Netherlands.

Dan skrg udh pd lg siap2 embracing the new pages.

I barely made any appearance in their last chapter. There but not there.

Havent closed mine. Dunno when i'll be.

Yg jelas im not ready, tp im preparing.

Klo those visionary ppl already pictured what their perfect good-bye would look like, my good-byes always bear no relation to 'perfect'. I dont really hv that term actually. Having to always move from place-to-place made me pretty indifferent to what good-byes should look like, or felt like.

And of course I would muchly prefer the phrase "see you" than "good bye"

The ending of the chapters in my life would give the reader (if there is a reader) a sense of unfinished resolution, unfulfilled promise.. nggantung..

Setelah dipikir2, i dont really pay attention to 'closure' at any or every aspect in my life. Termasuk bikin tugas, kl udh bagian nulis kesimpulan, rasanya males banget. klo ngerjain project, udh deket2 pas mo presentasi dan membuat closure ato ending yg baik, sering jd tugas yg paling ngebebanin dan slalu gw kerjain setengah hati.

Same with friendship, same with love-relationship. Ya soal yg kedua mungkin lbih rumit. Sama yg pertama, basically i wouldnt want to hv a closure on any friendship. tp yg sering terjadi adalah us or me forget, overlook, even neglect.

ja ja..

but then i learn from my good friend to always let it go, and leave it to Him in the end. Of course this doesnt mean to really do nothing about it in the first place.

So my closure for 'My Netherland Chapter' has not come yet. And i hv no idea how is it gonna look like.

Tp yg jelas, gw yakin n gw tau kl i've learned a lot. Experienced a lot. I've changed.

I know more or less what kind of path I want to thread, altho i also know, in life you dont always get what you want :) (n some might argue that that depends on how much you want that something) and hope that GOd would lead me to it

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