strange night..

it was after midnight, i was alone in my room, prima's gone to rotterdam to visit mr. boyfriend.
i didnt have anything to do.. so this is what i did:
  • txtd my bf that i secretly like another guy
  • txtd the other guy (who's currently w/ his gf) that i love him n im sorry but im staying away from his life
  • txtd my ex n told him that the real reason we broke up was not bcoz i was in love with another guy but i just realised that i didnt love him that much

    and the result waasss total revelation :D i feel strangely relieved..
    myb bcoz today's election day
    myb bcoz today's my dad's birthday
    myb bcoz today's my ex's dad's birthday
    myb bcoz its our 3 months anniversary
    myb bcoz its waxing crescent n 39% of full o_O
    myb bcoz after 46 pages of mark haddon's the curious incident of the dog in the night time i seriously think that its not as good as they say. n myb im the only one saying this but i wasnt "moved" or intrigued to read the rest of the book.
  • 4 komentar:

    that guy, yes, that one. mengatakan...

    you are strange -_-

    the mouse mengatakan...

    ur wife-to-be IS strange :p

    elvin.priyadi mengatakan...

    the confession of a mouse..

    the mouse mengatakan...

    lol.. strange shamanistic mouse :p