AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *screams hysterically but profoundly happy and excited at the same time*

quadruple post yay :p

I present to you.. *drum rolls*

The Tale of Desperaux

please please watch the trailer here
awal2nya u'd feel like its ratatouille thingy.. but but.. exactly at 00.58 .. i cant help myself not to screaaaaammmmmmm with joy ^________________^

premiere d US emg bakal masi lama, 19 December.. wouldnt get to Dutch theatre before new year i guess.. (according to IMDB it wont b released in NL before 2 april 09.. buset lama amat -.-)


Di Holland Animation Film Festival udah maenn dooongggg!! YIPPPEEEEEE *jump around like crazy* AHAHAHAHA IM SO GONNA WATCH IT!!!! LONG PURA I WANT MY DAY OFF!!! yah baru "work in progress" sih title-nya.. i dunno wot dat means.. but.. yeah.. wat de hell i still want to watch it T_T padahal udah libur 3 hari gitu minggu ini.. hihihi *sigh* oh i hope they're gonna let me take a day off.. soalnya ga maen d hari yg laen T_T

"just for a second, just try.. being brave"

(adding the tale of despereaux to wanna-c movie list together with HP, Coraline, watchmen, rocknrolla, quantum of solace - premiering at the night of nov 6th at 00.07 - n the spirit)

by the by, went to ABC today n bought a pocket-size moleskine diary+notebook 2009 for mum (i bought a large one for dad n then mum want one as well), watchmen graphic novel n ball's critical mass (elvin pointed out the author's rather ahum.. unique last name.. i didnt even notice.. oh elvin u dirty dirty girl.. :p)

beli watchmen soalnya kan entar mo nonton filmnya, so why not read the novel first.. and the critical mass book? well i was browsing the social science section n thinking of buying one.. n then i just started to browse in author's alphabetical order.. saw the book, read the description.. dan sepertinya cool.. applying physics, mathematical science to social behaviour n politics. my head's so empty these days i need knowledge replenishment :p

tadinya sih di tangan jg udh bawa Q magazine edisi December 08, Transformers Evolution (lg on sale), n Aravind Adiga's White Tiger.. tp it will certainly blow off my budget (padahal k sana jg impulsif gt..). ya udah akhirnya i bode farewell to transformers, the magazine, n the white tiger..

dannn besok siang mo liat rocknrolla sama mba prima ^^

oh n happy burthday jonny g ^^

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Oma Nia mengatakan...

Ulm ulm,.. tikusnya ZUPER lucu!! beneran tuh mo ada pilemnya? aniwe,.. ni Oma ada hadiah buat dirimyu. Click di sini ya

cemplon mengatakan...

me wanna watch Coraline :(
mundur terus sih..katanya 2008, tp ganti lagi.

QoS bagus kah?

the mouse mengatakan...

@nia: iya.. beneran mo ada filmnya! ehmm thanks for the present ~.^
@cemplon: iya... tp tak apa ku kan terus sabar menunggu lovely coraline <3 wes liat website n videonya nes? ga sabar ^^ QoS so so :p ga nonton jg ga miss apa2 kok.. except ure very much into the vesper mystery thingy..