musings at 12

reading watchmen the graphic novel is goin to be pretty awesome. was reading its wikipedia entry the other night, to find out more about the history and such. so watchmen were actually anti-hero, they dont really have super powers, except dr. manhattan. (the blue guy on the right. yes he's nekked :p) cant wait to read it.. im gonna hv to finish one of the five books im currently reading. i think haddon's the one im finishing first.. since its not that thick. but it could also be diamond's coz im almost at the end.. cant believe i really gonna finish that thick book full of historical knowledge of human society -.-
here's the website for the movie, n here's the link to watchmen reading companion

si cemplon's post stirred something inside. but i dont know what. anyhow, its not her being introverted, it shows actually that she's an extrovert. an extrovert doesnt really bother about her inwards feelings or emotions like introvert ppl. so thats why my blogs r about feelings n thoughts n musings about whats inside my head or heart. coz thts what introvert ppl do. they like to think inwardly, and kinda forgot the sunshine and flowers outside :D and cemplon is a girl that's totally okay with herself and spend her energy more to the outside world :D

and a yoghurt thats not kept in fridge for 3 days will have a layer of transparent liquid on the top, and a thicker yoghurt xD tastes really sour n i dont think its edible :p thanks for nie n elv who forbid me from eating it.

yesterday i said to myself to try not to give up on situations n conditions. being too flexible is not always good. im always like "oooh i wonder where's life taking meeee..." im getting older so at least i hv to start having a course on my own life. im sorryyyy im just used to leave everything to the rest n not taking initiatives for my own life.

and when i realised this it might b too late? >< if im getting married doesnt that mean somebody else is going to hv the control to my life?

surprised how my brother has grown -.- was browsing his page and yeah.. :p and its only his page.. xD

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cemplon mengatakan...

I c. perhaps I am an extrovert. Or I know I used to be. *thinking*

Well, the fact that I rarely post about my thoughts or inwards feeling might means that I already hv certain "channels" where those could really flow out. i.e. komar.. :D

do i spend my energy more to outside world...? maybe I do, but that means neither "school" nor "career". sigh. getting nowhere at those.

ach, ja ja. could be true that I'm a mix of an extrovert and a not-so-positive person. it's yin and yang everywhere.

btw, thx for your triple-combo-comments ;)