the worst feeling ever

is when you hurt someone you really care, you realise you are actually also hurting yourself
and the fact that the person is hurt, hurts you also,
n then you blame yourself coz you let it happen, which makes it worse,
and it breaks the both of you.
and it hurts you so,
and then before you know it, you're swallowed by an endless spiral of hurt feelings

time will heal, they say..
time will heal..

logic drops in,
he said, "everybody is responsible for their own life"

so dont run away,
when will you stop running?

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elvin.priyadi mengatakan...

we'll stop the time and pretend everything never happen,

we'll stop the time and breath and forgets.

in the end, we'll just cry.
until we're too tired to even feel,

then we'll fall asleep,

then everything will be okay..
everything will be just okay..

the mouse mengatakan...