hari pahlawan =D

*ngeliat status message-nya nia*
didnt realise its today
didnt find anythin special on the news regarding this as well
thursday i saw RocknRolla n QoS.. RnR was really cool xD wanna watch em again.. downloaded their soundtrack today.
QoS is so so..
friday was work
saturday went to HAFF n saw Tale of Desperaux.. but yea it was work in progress, so we were only shown some clips from the movie n then there's two people from the studio to explain the storyline n background and answer q's from the audience. most of the ppl who came were artsy-type of ppl with asymmetric haircut, neon colors, funky clothes..
i forgot my key so i slept at elvin's place till..
jaga rumah elvin while she n andi did groceries for their dinner party.
then when they got home i left to the city, bought milk foam-maker for cappuccino. i broke one last night. felt guilty.
rencananya mo ke kota beli raincoat, cari cocktail dress, snacks for tomorrow's 5-hours trip to eurodisney.
tapi malah ngutak ngatik tumblr..
blm mandi :p
pgn makan lagi =/
n listening to the sunshine underground - the way it is

johnny quid rocks <3

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