Tori Amos covers Nirvana

dari The Music Slut: We're Awesome!: The World Of B-Sides & Rarities, #39:
Tori Amos - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Featured on Tori's Crucify EP back in '92 (pre-Kurt's passing), Tori has declared her version of the alternative staple as 'a great breakfast cereal version'[...]but Tori's cover of the tune is one of the best ever recorded (The Bad Plus, The Melvins & Atari Teenage Riot are amongst countless others who've tackled the track).

For as masculine and fierce as 'Teen Spirit' is and always will be, Tori manages to soften the song beautifully while adding her own unique feminine quality to the epic track.
So bayangin gaya nyanyinya Tori yg alus dan (setengah) meratap2.. background piano.. singing along to

Here we are now..
Entertain us..
I feel stupid..
And contagious..

Other notable songs added to today's playlist of mine:
1. Paul McCartney's Ever Present Past.. dari album barunya dia, solo works-nya dia. I think it's pretty much the Beatles :D but i love that band anyway, and yea.. no resentment whatsoever ^^ (dari Idolator)

2. The Middle by Great Northern. Band baru asal California. A more harmonic version of The Wannadies :D kangen gw ma band itu (from Filter-Mag)

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