first note:
my deepest condolence for Yussi,
may his family n relatives are given the strength to get through this tough time

second note:
diskusi IMD-SKM (now i know for sure that it stands for Indonesia Masa Depan - Suara Kaum Muda :p)

so berangkat dari mailing-list, pertanyaan2 sodara chauft, akhirnya wiby nyelenggarain discussion (dan makan2) kemis kmrn.

yg dateng lumayan, ada mas Enade yg org farmasi, amin dan ratih, mas wiby, mas angga yg org kedokteran, tanti, adho, indri, bulan, mas binsar (teologi) yg dateng blkgan, mas najib (sos-antropologi), mba grace (enviro), mas zaenal (economics, double degree) isrina n andys.

mas najib bawa persiapan plg lengkap since dia punya "kantor" lengkap dgn printer n photocopy machine. handoutnya dia tu bagan dialektika (i dunno what that really means), that functions as a 'framework for concepts n ideas' for IMD-SKM.
it looks like this:

(click to enlarge)

the A-F r subjects/field (social welfare, education, human rights, corruption). The column on the left: PN -> civic worker, MS - civilian, SW - private (corporate)

"transformation strategy" is where the heated discussion is going to be. and of course all preliminary analysis has to hv a strong base. so mr. najib starts with his view on defense n homeland security + human rights.

he stressed on reform from the military regime to total democracy. and fairness in the National Body of Intelligence. (including as well a merge between economics intelligence).

second was amin with his economics. he suggested having a separate-independent body for economics. with the leader being elected by the public.

third was pharmacy - on generic medicines and patented ones; the low quality of medical workers in Indo; angga also indicted that there's a lack of doctors in Indo. which was quite surprising. coz what we know that every year, hoards of high school graduates are willing to dedicate their lives being a doctor. but apparently the prob was bcoz they are all highly-concentrated in java.

anyho.. there was also remarks on the transformation from centralisation to decentralisation (also applied to the discussion of women movements a couple of weeks back). but yeah, i mean its like national evolution. wktu jaman2 orba -> centralisation -> military regime. ganti orang, n now people starts to struggle, really using their minds (i hope) to find the best resolution for their regions (or for themselves with the lesser morale) so for the time being- nationalistic approach might not work (yet). what happens with decentralizations is the comeback of local-power breach. kyk jaman dulu dgn raja2 > yg kuat yg berkuasa.

lets be optimistic. ppl with better morale n goodwill blm abis di indo.

there goes my summary :p harusnya si indri yg secretarynya PPI publish notulen di mailing list. but lets just wait..

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bulan mengatakan...

put this on mailing list mba ^^ ntar di compare ama punya indri :)

the mouse mengatakan...

emoh.. ini untuk kepuasan pribadi :D lagian ini bener2 total what's left in my head abis malem itu. since aku ga nyatet apa2, jadi this is my personal memory backup :D

Berly mengatakan...

Thanks for the update... bakal dibawa juga buat meeting IMD-KM. Kan ada suara Amsterdam di Italia :-D

the mouse mengatakan...

weh mas berly, jgn memperjuangkan kepetingan golongan gitu dong :D