The Fields

Nemu band baru keren^^
Namanya 'The Fields'

Band-bio dari
Fields are an Anglo-Icelandic electronic/indie band formed in London. In early 2006 the band played their first live shows. They eventually signed a unique deal with Atlantic Records which allows them to keep releasing records through their own Black Lab Records set-up as well as Atlantic. They are set to record their debut album with legendary producer Michael Beinhorn who has produced the likes of Herbie Hancock, Korn, Mew, Soundgarden and Marilyn Manson.
I think the music is kinda Radiohead-like campur switchfoot ^^ :p, tp beda soalnya ada vokalis cewe. bilangnya mereka mirip Secret Machine, Polyphonic Spree, Brian Eno, and The Beatles (huh?)

well i dunno, you tell me:

itu live performance lagu mereka 'Song for the Fields'
dan ini videoklip lagunya

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