my multiple email acounts :D

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In total email account yg saya punya (including yg active dan inactive):
two in hotmail < both active >
one yahoo, < active - dr jaman SMP nih! >
one aol, < buat IM-an doang... ma sapa? ma bot santa claus xD well my onkel n my ex n my ex-junior high school friend, hv one.. so.. still.. not really useful :p >
one < inactive >
one lycos < inactive >
one care2 < dipake kadang2, klo iseng pgn send e-card ato liat2 apa yg baru d care2 >
one school account < kadang2 dicek buat ngapus2in email2 ga penting dr sekolah >
one office account < active >, well klo total brp office account yg pernah dipake.. 3 < 2 udh inactive -> n :p >
two gmail < active >
one in.. well udh lupa namanya.. pokoknya ada mouse2 something gtu < inactive >
one in < inactive >
and the multiple personalities side effect?
with or without the different email accounts, i do feel.. like.. there r these voices inside my head, you know ... and.. and...

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Amir mengatakan...

kalo gue yang aktif cuma 1 gmail, 2 yahoo, 1 domain pribadi, 1 email kantor *ga penting :D*