Not today, but yesterday. Chauft woke me up at 8 am, I had to go to work. But my eyes just wouldnt open, n it felt that both of them were burning, my head hurted a little. Capek banget, and my body just told me to stay in bed n go back to sleep

11 am bangun, masi pengen tidur, liat hape, its on 'silent' 3 missed calls already, from music mayday, isrina n ifta.

no no dont want to wake up now, i just tell the office that im ill today.. i'll call em later .. oh shit no credits left in my phone.. oh i'll figure out how im gonna tell em later

3.30 pm my bf's mobile rang.. its ifta.. (my mobile was still on silent) asking me to meet up later in the evening, with the rest from the (ex-Nieuwersluishof) Hollendrecht girls (rina, herself, prima n dita)

was my fault anyway that i didnt sleep as soon as i got to chauft's house. It was late already when i arrived, i dont think that i slept more than two hours before hving to get up again for our morning meal. n then when it's done it's already a quarter before six (n i had to wake up at 7 am or 7.30)

good job, ulma!

however, the evening-out was nice :) its been a long time since the five (minus chitra, dian, vina n citra) of us sit down eat n talk together. n its the first time that i brought bapak to sit at the table with the girls.

While shoving down fried squids into my mouth, my mind flew back to the time i was still living in N-159. So far its the best house with the best ppl to live with for me.

sad thing is, that i let it (them) slipped away just like that... or, i let myself letting them slipped away

buat rina, take care nak
buat prima, jgn selingkuh terus :p hehehe
buat mba dita, take care juga
buat mak ipta, gambate!
buat dian, sukses n take care
buat chitra (wherever u r), forgive me for the words that i said n didnt say
buat citra, hoo lama tak berjumpa
buat vina, heh you owe us one evening-out together!

2 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

u take care too ma...
miss u lots. always wanted to share many things, yet never got the chance to.
anyway, hope life is good there.
it should be lah...apalagi ada yg nemenin :) am happy 4 u
enjoy everything!
kirim2 kabar, k?

dian yg sendirian

the mouse mengatakan...

blogging Di :D
it lets you share things at least take some things off your mind :)

hope life is good 2 u 2 there ;)

enjoy epriting juga di.. miss u lots :*