good news

According to our calculations you will die at 11:03 pm on Friday, January 30th 2054.

Your age at the time of death will be approximately 69 years old.

Which is in 17290 days time.

69 is not bad

and elv said that the north&south pole will melt in 2070
so its good that i die before it :p

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elvin.priyadi mengatakan...

hmm i forgot to tell you.

at 2054 there will be big comet crash on the earth.

the comet size wont be as big as the one who destroyed dinosaurs, but its enough to create tsunami and change world climate for 10 days.

the location of the crash, would be somewhere inside GMT+2 - GMT+7 area.

so there.

the mouse mengatakan...

elvin says:
ok the good news about the comet in 2054
elvin says:
it will crash on september