to sleep or not to sleep

Things that (might) prevent me from sleeping right now:
1. Cappucino XL, Bagels and Beans
2. Film baru Zach Braff
3. This supposedly cool movie starring josh hartnett and scarlett johansson
4. Hasrat ingin mencari kerja, hasrat ingin mencari kerja untuk pacar, hasrat mencari kamar untuk pacar. heheh
5. a good conversation with a good friend :)
6. Expectation of a nice evening
7. the fact that the daylight is too bright and its just tooo warm inside the house
8. after almost a month of negligence to my INHOLLAND email account, i began to feel the need to clean up my inbox so that the annoying email from 'systembeheerder - De inhoud van uw postvaak heeft de maximumlimiet overschreden' would not show up again
9. myb in fact i am kinda anxious waiting for 'an email' which would determine my life path for at least the coming 5 months
10. usually a list would reach the number 10
ah yes,
the assumption (hanya asumsi saja!) that i have to take a shower, which makes me wonder should i do it after or before i go to sleep, but since i might wouldnt sleep until the sun set, maybe i just hv to take a shower now. but if i take a shower now, i would feel refreshed and that would prevent me even further from taking a rest. for i really need it, i suppose, i havent slept a wink since yesterday. (and hvent taken a shower since.. er.. 2 days ago *blush*)
so myb its not merely an assumption but, a suggestion :D

to shower or not to shower.. that is the question

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