saya kerja di sini

what do I do?
im doing an internship as a project assistant. dari september akhir kmaren.
ngapain project assistant?
so far sih.. bantuin bikin proposal buat minta funding, ngumpul2in evaluasi dr cabang2 yg laen, bikin summary-nya, motokopi :P bikin swot, jd notulen d meeting, standar anak intern.
knp magang?
well i thought of finding a job. tp susye deh :p
apalagi dgn saya yg sok ngundur2 kelulusan. (yeah.. i prefer to not graduate then going back to indo)
well.. mixed  between wanting to be with him longer, and wanting to have more work-experience here.
yea.. the first one being the most dominant one :p

why music mayday?
i saw their ad on a website for internships. after 3 months of no-success in looking a proper full-time job, i started to look at internship possibilities.
their website says something about cross-culture, youth, and music.
I've worked with music-related cultural NGO before, and the job title 'Project Assistant' seemed nicer than a mere 'Stagiaire'. So i expected a more challenging tasks. which thankfully came true. (Photocopying also became more challenging as their machine was quite old and seemed to like to choke itself with paper).

You still work at the restaurant?
yep... thursday, sat n sunday. but last week the manager told me to work one more day, friday. so... yippeee.. (not)
Aren't you tired?
yep.. began to feel the effect of working 7 days a week. (office days r mon thru fri) but hopefully when the fasting's over  it wont be this bad.

how's mr. boyfriend?
just have his birthday today. but we did not plan anything special. nothing, in fact. i think im gonna go to the movie with my colleague from the restaurant. she just came to the Netherlands and desperately needed some fun. she asked the wrong person though.
so mr. boyfriend stays at home... sleeping

what time are you gonna go home?
umm approx. an hour from now :)

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