i should turn on the answering machine now

O you who believe! Fasting is ordained for you, as it was ordained for those before you, that you may attain piety. Fast a certain number of days, but those among you who are sick or traveling may fast the same number of days at a later time. But for those who are able to fast and do not, there is still redemption in the feeding of a needy person. However, for those who are given to increased virtue on their own accord, it is more valuable for them, though fasting is far better for you, if you only knew.

-Qur'an, Al-Baqara, Surah 2:183-84

Puasa day 13

sahur: nasi putih + teri, tahu, sosis turki goreng + s. goreng terong bikinan ibu kosnya chauft

bangun 8.15 siap2 cabut, sepanjang jalan udh ngerasain keram di daerah pelvis which continued smpe gw nympe kantor dan duduk

its a long day,n not shiny at all. tp gw finally nyelesein evaluation report, mnta dicomment, trus skalian ma swot analysis juga. smbil baca2 n ngedit2 proposal juga. abis ini bikin summary dr evaluationnya.

td skitar jam 4-an pergi ke albert heijn bntar. beli basic necessities (roti jagung, vegetarian pate, tomat, pisang, magere yoghurt, avocado, keju)

shopping is just no fun
eating is no fun
sleeping is no fun
being at home is no fun

yg salah sama proposal: they dont attract ppl at the introduction.

why english ppl likes to go to australian whn they're bored of their own country?

if ure not happy then im not happy

i think i'll just stay here until iftar. which will b 7.07 pm

i know ure laughing behind my back
i know ure spreading my mistakes to everyone
i know ure judging me

im sorry that im such a boring person
im sorry that im no fun

this is the day when haryo went missing, he could not be reached via his mobile when he's supposed to work today. and his housemates are nowhere near their own phone

but at least its full moon tomorrow

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