myb i should title my blog: life is not beautiful :p

"If it's not with you.. There is no thing that makes wanna settle down..
I thought it was a bad cough.. But never knew how much illusions hide a torture
Lonesome & forsaken with no gratitude.. Who's goin' to tell, devotion's not your problem

It's me against a wardrobe
Focused on the pain to see how we can get along

Doing things, getting better
I'll move on

Together.. The more I try the less I care about it
Together.. And if you don't see yourself in the mirror, forget what you did
Together.. The more I try the less I care about it

I'm giving up my conscience for another
The only one I want is you

Things I wouldn't do.. Try to treat me like a friend, get another late call
I'll lose you for another
Cause you can't believe how much your pleasure is a factor
Writing down the logic of my solitude
As far as I'm concerned I'd like to leave it random
I'm acting like an orphan

Let me get to know you better to make me less attracted

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