ulma haryanto's reaction on seeing 2girls1cup :p

so.. Neo aka TK aka Che Kin aka Tsz Kin (dang so many names he has :D) my Cute Long Pura colleague

(that's him in the middle)
masih single.. jadi klo yg berminat bisa hubungi saya :D

askd me to view a clip called two girls one cup (SERIOUSLY DONT CLICK ON THE LINK!). the clip was so euw.. (and j*nc*k n what the hell). neo actually collected some reactions of ppl who's wtching that clip. you can view his "library" here. the clip n the clips of people who's watching the clip r currently a trend here (otherwise it wont be on Jensen's show.. or so i presume).

you can also view other ppl's reaction while watching the clip here. or type '2girls1cup' on youtube's search field.

but here below was my reaction :p

nothing exciting, really.. just me sayin euw and j*nc*k n wth.. :p some ppl gave out funny reactions.. and if you dont know what the clip's actually about.. well you'll get curious.. and myb you regret when you finally watchd it.. like me :(

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bulan mengatakan...

3 seconds after i saw it, i decided to stop it. So Iyuuuhhhhhhhhhh....

iyuh iyuh iyuh iyuh.

nggilani pol.

the mouse mengatakan...

dibilangin jangan diklik :D