mood hari ini :(

ow yah, i've been using Bahasa Indonesia interface for Blogger :D need some time to get used to Posting, Pengaturan, Panel Kontrol, dan Konsep disimpan otomatis di :D

somebody asked if i've spent most of my time in front of the computer. erm d'uh.. yes of course.. who doesn't?
but now come to think of it, myb he's asking indirectly whether i'm a computer geek or not :D
answer is.. yeah :D i'm lightly nerdy, and 50% geek

annd.. menurut moon chart di samping, malem ini udh bulan baru. Besok lebaran.. aih.. time to review the things I promised/told myself to do at the beginning of Ramadhan :p

*mempublikasikan posting*

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