what's hot on PPI Amsterdam mailing-list :p

1. Poligami (or is it poligamy? polygami?)
Berawal dr posting kontroversial Amin mengenai "Tips Poligamy dr Aa Gym", yang mengundang bbrp komen (most of them r opposing Amin). But this guy (Amin) always start the controversy. His posts always lead to heated discussions, but nice though :D
i never thought that Indonesian students can be so opinionated and critical :)

2. Rencana Kunjungan DPRD Riau ke Belanda
Berawal dr kunjungan DPR ke Eropa beberapa minggu lalu. No comments here.

3. Saran beli laptop
no comment

4. Form Pemilu Ketua PPI-A 2007
from outside sources: mas Wiby dan Nefry akan mencalonkan diri

ulma --> kinda want this guy to try the position
and elect myself jd dewan pengawas :D :p
or my hubby, heheh

sore ini langit di amsterdam berwarna kuning :)
after the rain n thunder
...the aliens r coming!! ... ;P
besok beni pulang :(

ulma's song of the day (thx Vin)
ada hubungannya sama the hottest topic on PPI-A'dam mailing-list. Coz the song was an original soundtrack from 'Berbagi Suami', translated in English: Husband-Sharing :P

zudulnya "Pergi tanpa Pesan" (Gone without a Message -huh?) yg nyanyi Sore:

Mencari intan pujaan - Looking for my adored diamond
Aduhai, dimana puan - Alas, where is woman
Mengapa pergi tanpa pamitan - Why gone without saying anything

Lembah ku turuni - I'll go down the valley
Bukit yang tinggi ku daki - Climb the highest hill
Aduhai, tak kunjung jumpa - Alas, I don't see you
Mengapa hilang tak tentu rimba - Why disappear into thin air

Laut hempaskanku padanya - Sea, bring me to her
Bintang tunjukkan arah - Stars, show me the way
Ooh angin bisikkanlah mana dia - Ooh wind, whisper to me where she's at

Hati cemas bimbang harapan timbul tenggelam - My heart is uneasy and worried, hopes rise and fall
Aduhai, permata hati - alas, the jewel of my heart
Mungkinkah kelak berjumpa lagi - will i ever see you again

translation by everly sisters' member
ini akibat dr nyanyi2 lagu inggris sama elvin trus diterjemahin k bahasa indo (dgn hillarious effect), dan now im doing the other way around (dan tak kalah anehnya :D)

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Anonim mengatakan...

Ulmatje, I missed THE ex-N159 meeting..terkaparku di kasur seharian. Adakah gossip aduhai yang kulewatkan?
Lets organize another date..oh, many more dates!
We do need to hook up with a higher level of intensity, that is scheduled systematically and professionally.

Take it easy

elvin.priyadi mengatakan...

Aduhai is Alas???!??


elvin.priyadi mengatakan...

geez bosomu rin -.-