monday is meeting day

every monday selalu ada meeting "team" setiap jam 11.30 to 12.30. ga selalu on time selesai 12.30 sometimes longer, but never shorter :p
buat chairperson dan minute-takernya juga digilir.dan this week i was the chairperson :P

so monday becomes "the day" when everybody reports on what they've been doing, recent news and gossips, when we realize that theres soooo many things to do. the day when we set up new tasks and action points :p

dan today emg feels like one of those mondays. cuma kerasa lbih tighter karena udh masuk desember, bentar lagi org2 gone for vacation, so some stuffs need to be cleared, tasks need to be done.

belum lg nasib kantor gw (TMMF-nya) yg sedang tak menentu :p

mrk (para management team) assure us (para internee) klo buat kita, kontrak bakal berjalan sprti biasa. cuma yg jelas pihak management bakalan dirombak. yikes.

some ppl might not be here, some ppl might.. double yikes.

so i still have the interconnectivity guide for dummies on my to-do list. hari ini juga meeting ma mr. communication and campaign coordinator buat ngebahas details. trus meeting ma bu supervisor #2 (yg bakal jd #1.. yg bakal jd #0 .. klo by the end of Jan 07 the Board of Directors say bye bye to her), ngebicarain jam kerja saya :p
coz couple of weeks ago i've been working 2 full-time jobs :P
one here one @the restaurant(s) --> the beloved tanjung sari n wau
wlo i decided to quit one of them, they think its still do me good if i work not 40 hours a week.
jadilah: 36 hours
so monday i can start later (11 am) coz they know sunday i will b @ work
n thu/fri i can leave earlier (3.30 pm) depends on which day i would work @the restaurant :P

next thing is my currently-supervisor-#1's farewell party.
She's going to leave the office @22nd. dan karena perbedaan jadwal&agenda, jadinya pestanya baru bisa diadain mid-jan 07.

So either @ the 11th or 19th
me (again) jd party committee heheh
i dont have the look or the attitude at all to be a party person tp apparently here they ask me most of the time (baru dua kali sih :p .. out of two parties yg diadain so far) -.-
or myb its bcoz theres nobody else here to do it :p
"oh yeah, just ask the internee to do it"
pestanya bakal diadain d kntor aja, ntar org2 bawa minum/makanan sndiri(kinda potluck)
tp bukan makanan berat2.. 'borrel'-style (snacks, crackers, cheese, canape food)

umm trus entar sore ada acara 'arisan hollendrecht' :p hehe
nice nice
well i should leave in like 4 minutes
diadain d tmpatnya mba dita.

kay..dats all i guess.
gonna write some more for the guideline n then im off!

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