once upon a time..

there lived two young maiden
neah thats from my old aurelvin and cinderulm chronicle-tale-whatever

my organisation seriously need to put more tasks on my job description -.-
skrg saya nganggur
ga jg sih
im gonna edit some proposals. with this NGO everything's about projects, projects and more projects.. but izzoke, coz thats where they got money from.
update some archives..

tomorrows gonna be my supervisor's last day.
and me, yinske (a volunteer for dance4life) and annelies (supervisor #2) are gonna have tea/coffee together in the afternoon.

my bf just got some feedbacks from his thesis-tutor. GOOD LUCCKK!!!

from around the web:
the Future Film Festival 2007, Bologna

Virgin Mary-Komodo: at a zoo in UK ada komodo yg bertelur without any ehm copulation with the male species

just had a meeting with MM-NL
they found me some tasks ^^ yippee
so now i am gonna do some research for the country pavillion activity, make proposal (again)
and start to think of what stuffs we would like to have

probably will b working for them as well in January.

ah lets see lets see..

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