In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

I stepped out of the building and saw at a distance the bulk of mist formed
after a cold night (Brr..*i made sure that my jacket is wrapping me tightly)

The cold touches its chilly hands upon my nose.. "Good morning", it said.
And then slowly it crept inside my jeans, but only up to the knee. Since I'm
wearing a rather long coat, my upper-leg can still be warm.

Transferred for tram 5 at VU. Sat next to a large girl with a "hospital"

Last night I went to Isrina's place. It was her birthday the day before. She
cooked delicious sea food meals *yummy*. (squid, n shrimps n oysters =D~)

I was supposed to work at the restaurant on that day. But... after thorough
consideration (cieh), i've had enough of myself who always think of money
money money and how could i earn as much as i can.

True I still need money, and by not working at that day means I lost the
opportunity of having at least additional 30 euros. But yea... I felt like
"I've had enough of that excuse"

Not going with my best friend because of work
Could not attend my good friend's birthday because of work


I still need money
But after a while i realized that "money cant buy happiness" :D
opo seh
no.. my point is
There ARE people that i'd really treasure (yez surprise, surprise.. this
Ulma who thought she's so cool and independent and does not need anybody
else :p) and it's just the right thing to sacrifice my 'monetary needs' for

So im glad that i could say "no" to make more money n prefer spending
quality time with my good friends instead :D

Worth memorizing conversation for today:

<:3)~* zegt:
kayaknya gw emg ada tampang boook keeper ya
elvin zegt:
ada ada
elvin zegt:
*icon smiley*
elvin zegt:
kacamata + tampang cupu + ngefans sama ari wibowo

ada satu lagi sih, tp since its about other ppl so.. wont include it here :D

Other cool stuff that i discovered today:

TOP 10 DANGEROUS TOYS (incl. sky dancers xD u know, those stupid flying
twirling fairies)


My best friend recently got hooked up with heeled shoes. Apparently it's not
only her that can wear such things ;)

blognya teman kerja:

yang pacarnya aktris ZOOP! (sinetron anak2 d sini yg isinya ttg safari n adventures). pacarnya temen gw kerja ini jd "favorite actress" d sinetron itu. bahkan dia dijadiin wax figure d madam tussaud :p
this is her blog

and this is their blog


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