Dear God,

It's been a long time since I thank You for anything.
So here goes..
I thank You for the condition that i am now in:
- my supportive family
- friends that are always ready to lift my spirit up
- amazing people to look up to and to learn "life" from
- un-complain-able health condition
- situations and events that make me remember that there is still the Entity that is stronger than anything
- still could have a PC to bear with the lonely nights :p
- still breathing, living despite those many times that I wish for everyhthing to end

Altho I still feel like a crouching mouse on the corner. Peeking outside from my tiny mouse hole and trying to comprehend that big big thing called the world and the hustle and bustle of the creatures living on it.

i always feel like a small kid

a grim small girl

dont know when's the right time to get out of my mouse hole and explore, do something, make traces of my mousy-existence!

yeah right
but that have to wait
or might never come
me n my tiny ambition
me n my dreamless life
me n my ever-extinguished motivation

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