your life will never be the same

ladies and gentlemen,

i present to you.. uhm.. just click the 'play' button..

this kind of thing.. get stuck in your head for hours xD
cant stop thinking about 'em.
four dancing.. yellow pink purple and blue.. with dots and lines xD
seven minutes.. lol
udah melodinya sama..
i was screaming and laughing all the time xD
watched it with prima.. our reactions were, among others:
"oh my God"
"what is THAT???"
"oh okay.. Hi Nirodh"
"oh wow.. I didnt know that.."
"oh my God. seven minutes?"
"6 minutes! we're almost there!!!" xD
"this thing is longer than a music video!"
"good tool for brainwashing, tho.."

For the past 11 years, P Narsingh Rao, director of Nrityanjali academy, a socio-cultural group based in Hyderabad, has been using the performing arts to promote awareness. (source)

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Oma Nia mengatakan...

very funny! stefy got irritated by it :P