im a douche bag

dear readers,

this is how a 'douche' look like in Holland:

i started watching south park when i moved here. eric n friends like to say 'douche' or 'douche bag'. i thought, "hey.. thats cute, i dont know that 'shower' can b used as a swear word. I guess thats what happend to other completely innocent words such as 'balls' and 'pussy'".

But alas, now im not so innocent anymore.. for it was revealed to me, the true meaning of 'douche'
(n) douche, douche bag (a small syringe with detachable nozzles; used for vaginal lavage and enemas)
i feel not so innocent anymore.. i feel betrayed.. whyyyy south park.. whhhyyyy??????? T___________T

but yeah, doesnt mean that i'll refrain from using the word. its fun to say it.. you're a dusshhh... a dusshhh baaaaag... its just, now i hv the correct mental image whenever i hear/say those words again =D

3 komentar:

elvin.priyadi mengatakan...


i can't believe you really put on a douche picture..


the mouse mengatakan...

and so i did :D

Oma Nia mengatakan...

yup, i had the same thought, too. ternyata artinya,.. yaiks!!