looking back..

5 days to go before my 24th birthday. some highlights of my life (thanks vin for the inspiration :)):

1. broke up with a long-term (well longest for me) serious boyfriend
2. being totally broke
3. getting married.. to a yapping git :p
4. found a cute substance that's hard to ignore
5. say bye bye to cute substance
6. repeat 4&5 at least three times xD
7. be a social outcast
8. found what 'love' really means (neah i lied :p)
9. lost my salary
10. watchd radiohead perform live
11. watchd slash and scott weiland perform live
12. tried painting
13. went to eurodisney
14. had my parents come visit me
15. had first disagreement with parents
16. wrote a book review for ABC
17. realise my youth is finally over
18. whatever i wntd to do to change/improve myself: ITS TOO LATE

i dont want to be older..

6 more things to add:
1. ate noodle voluntarily for the first time -_- always staying away frm noodles.. but basic survival urge made me finally ate those curly-wurly things
2. own a senseo-apparaat xD
3. managed to have a coffee-and-nicotine-free day. woo-hoo
4. found out that noisy indie rock can be listen-able as well
5. finally.. take a shower.. EVERYDAY! =D well okay, i missed one day coz i didnt hv to go anywhere.. but it was only ONE day. =D
6. having the feeling that im in control of my life and at the same time im not.

4 komentar:

iko mengatakan...

tambahin 6 lagi dong supaya pas 24

iko mengatakan...

ya ga telat lah 'yang.. :)

dramaqueeningrum mengatakan...

hugs? or you're a fan of the tough love so a spank might work better? xD chins up Mba Ulma =) hope you've passed that emotional state ^^

I envy you on number 10! so very muchly much! ah, and also number 17 because, well, I'm still very delusional. I strongly believe I'm still 10.

the mouse mengatakan...

spank me, baby :D
uh.. which emotional state? xD its the broke-state that i need to pass xD

uh.. stay on that delusional phase.. its better.. reality is harsh *sob*

well actually i already realised youth has left me when i turnd 21..