Beyonce and Justin Timberlake SNL Skit (11/15/08)

:D thanks, Feb!

oh and IFFR is 5 days away! there's gonna b 11 Indonesian titles playing:
  • 9808 An Anthology of 10th Year Indonesian Reform, 10 shorts by 10 film-makers
  • The Anniversary Gift
  • Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly. Was also premièred at Jiffest 08
  • Joko Anwar's Forbidden Door
  • Heaven for Insanity, a short on mental institution
  • Jermal. A collaboration between Indonesian, Dutch, German, and Switzerland film-makers
  • Kantata Takwa
  • The Shaman.. looks like my kind of movie :p
  • Small Step of Morning, by Holland graduate Kusuma Widjaja Putu
  • Takut: Faces of Fear. Six horror shorts.
  • Garin Nugroho's Under The Tree..

    umm yea.. horror flicks are always so "hip" in Indo.. thx for the head-up vin :D
  • 4 komentar:

    elvin.priyadi mengatakan...

    put justin like that, I might start to like him xD

    the mouse mengatakan...

    yeah.. he was pretty funny xD i dont know how could beyonce hold her laugh.. if i were her i'd already b on the floor laughing my ass off..

    Ardho mengatakan...

    eh ini kapan sih? nonton bareng nyok ;D

    *tapi tolong bayarin tiket kereta ke rotterdamnya ya*

    the mouse mengatakan...

    aku bayarin tiket tapi kamu bayarin nonton + makan yah *wink wink*