HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Here's my resolution:
  • inspired by die -> finish a book every 2 months
  • start having a planned/patterned day. i never really organise my days, letting everything flow. so im gonna try to come up with a "schedule" and see if i could keep it =p

    last week Tuesday ifta invited me n elvin to her place. It was my day off so i decided to "cook" something for them. i lookd around for an easy recipe n i found this: fromage blanc and blueberry crepe blintzes. The recipe looked easy n the photo looked good. but of course, some small 'disasters' followed, my blintzes didnt turn out like the picture xD i substituted fromage blanc with roomkaas (easier to find in supermarkets here.. NOT i didnt knw that fromage blanc in NL=kwark :p).

    So instead, my blintz looked like this:

    And the following are the events that caused it:
    ~first: i didnt knw where to find crepes -.- so i thought i might use.... pancakes instead.. xD yea op kors i could also make my own, crepes in this occasion, but laziness prevailed n i went for pancakes.
    ~second: i didnt pre-heat the pancakes :p so when i tried to roll it, it broke xD as i lookd at my destroyed roll of pancake ifta casually saved the day by saying "try to heat it up first in the microwave".. GENIUS! why didnt i think of that? xD
    ~third: instead of using normal sugar, i used bastard sugar.. why? coz its cheaper xD result: the blueberry sauce almost turned into blueberry jam! lol..
    ~fourth: absent-mindedly i threw away almost all of the blueberry 'syrup' to the sink -.-

    luckily ifta cookd a major yummy spaghetti ^^ n we were so full so we decided to eat the pancake for breakfast. bsides.. who eats pancake for dinner? :p well.. i was already nibbling some even after saying "i'm full.. i'm full!".

    the girls looking happy after yummy spaghetti

    after dinner was MOVIE time! yay!! ifta had this selection of... INDONESIAN horror movies!!! xD the options were The Legend of Sundel Bolong, The Legend of Sundel Bolong 2, and The Wall.

    i had to "censor" ifta coz she didnt wear her headscarf :p

    Sundel Bolong is *ahum* ..
    ...a female ghost in Indonesian mythology with long hair n (like most female ghosts..there must be an international convention for this..) wears a white long dress. She lost some skin on her back (see movie picture) but it was partly covered by her long hair. Some stories has it that she was raped and then died, some stories added that she gave birth in her grave. (how this is possible i have nooooo clue). Some stories said that besides scaring the living hell out of people they also take newborn babies.. or.. ask a living person to hold her baby and then something scary supposed to happen when that person agrees. (Loosely translated from wikipedia :p)
    The Wall i guess was about this female ghost that showed up from the wall (hence the title xD). So The Legend of Sundel Bolong won unanimously :P

    It was not as crappy as i thought xD Baim was kinda cute, he looked like the whiter version (and straight hair version, and no-beard version, and famous version xD).. of neysa's husband *giggle*. The movie also had some twist that i didnt expect such as .. the part when the village workers and the religious people started slaughtering each other :D but we're still wondering whether the husband whose wife had turned into the sundel bolong might b able to remarry.. well i guess we have to save the question for The Legend of Sundel Bolong 2!!!

    anyways.. was great fun..

    so here's the recipe again, with metric conversion n how to make ur own crepes :D (for 10 average-sized rolls of goodness :p)

    1.5 cups of ricotta cheese
    0.5 cup of cream cheese (or kwark)
    1 lemon
    5 tablespoons of sugar
    4 eggs
    340gr of blueberries (bosbessen or bosvruchten or blauw bessen). the recipe asked for frozen ones but i think u can find fresh ones here in NL... but since they're going to be used as the sauce, i opted for the jarred ones cause they hv this 'syrup' inside.
    1.25 cups of flour
    1/8 teaspoon of salt
    1.75 cups of milk (volle melk is recommended of course)
    2 tablespoons of melted butter
    some more butter for sautéing
    10 crepes..

    1. making the crepes: -> this looks like my next project.. if only i could find ppl to eat 'em xD ..blend 3 eggs, 1 cup flour, salt, milk, and the melted butter.. 'pulse' until its properly blend. Chill for 1 hour or up to 1 day. Heat the frying pan (medium-high), melt some butter, pour in approx. 2 tablespoons of batter. Tilt the pan around to coat the surface evenly. After 45 sec-1 minute, or until its translucent and dry, loosen the edges with a spatula and toss it over to a piece of wax paper (baking paper). use wax paper in between crepes to avoid it from sticking to each other.

    2. Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celcius.

    3. The cheese filling: grate the whole lemon (only use the yellow part! dont grate the whole skin off xD), mix it with the cheeses, the egg, and 3.5 tablespoons of sugar for approx. 30 seconds.

    4. Fold the crepe in half, and place the rounded edge at facing up. Take about one full tablespoon of the filling and put it on the right of centre in a vertical stripe that does not quite reach the top and bottom edges of the crêpe. Then fold the top and bottom of the crêpe so that it just tucks over the cheese filling, and then fold the right side over the filling, and roll it gently toward the left. Repeat for the next 10 crepes.

    5. Melt 1 teaspoon of butter on medium-high heat and sauté the crepes 2 minutes per side, to make them crispy. Repeat to all crepes.

    6. Transfer the crepes to a baking sheet, and bake for 8 minutes.

    7. The blueberry sauce: cut the lemon in half and juice one halve. keep the other halve for.. i dont know.. scaring off cockroaches maybe.. combine the blueberries, lemon juice, the rest of the sugar and flour in a saucepan over medium high heat. Simmer for the 8 minutes that the blintzes are in the oven.

    8. Plate the blintzes, and serve the blueberry sauce alongside.
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    Oma Nia mengatakan...

    ei,.. your crepes look ok kok! lagian kalo dessert biasanya ga masalah kalo salah2 dikit.

    hm,.. bastard suiker bukannya sama ma normal sugar?

    the mouse mengatakan...

    hmm.. apparently not.. basterdsuiker lebih cepet "mengental".. dan teksturny jg beda loh nie.. gula biasa kan kristal gt.. basterdsuiker tu kayak.. uhm.. bongkah kasar kecil2 gitu deh.. menurut suikerinfo.nl basterdsuiker tu adalah kristalsuiker yg diancurin trus dicampur ma invertsuiker (een mengsel van exacte gelijke delen glucose en fructose, dat onder meer bij de bereiding van ontbijtkoek wordt gebruikt om deze langer zacht te houden) =p ohohohoho..

    cemplon mengatakan...

    Ternyata komar se-cute Baim wong (baim wong kan yg dimaksud?)


    *peluk komar kenceng2*

    the mouse mengatakan...

    baim ADA Band.. yeah him.. xD
    neysa pinter deh milih suami.. xixixixi..

    cemplon mengatakan...

    ooooo Baim ada band, kirain baim wong.
    Lain orang berarti.

    Either way, sama2 cute-nya.

    *still peluk komar kenceng2*

    the mouse mengatakan...

    *googled baim wong*

    ya... same same but different lah...