NyapNyip Bareng Elvin-Neysa

NyapNyip Bareng Elvin-Neysa: "Alkisah ada sebuah kerajaan yang bernama Negeri Burung Hantu. Hah? Apa? Negeri Burung Hantu? Nggak pernah denger tuh! (Psst, makanya kita mengundang anda untuk datang ke negeri ini, biar gak ndeso)."
that's the opening sentence of my two friends' new collective blog: NyapNyip :)

they started the post with a fantasy-piece. Digabungkan dengan humor yg renyah dan cerdas.. of a distant far-away land, guarded by an archgeneral, an archmage, and a fair duchess.

For those who are familiar with their writings (oh they have blogs here and there.. i always loose track! - live feeds! gimme more live feeds!!), you would still find it hard to separate which piece written by who.
I should say that both authors blend their different-style-of-writing perfectly. Of course, we shouldn't expect that with this collective project they would loose their originality. In fact, I believe that they are very capable in inspiring one another.

I'm looking forward in reading the next episode of this fairytale-meets-real-world-satires chronicle ^^

and its sooo hard to write an objective review on a work of a good friend ^^

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