my new hero ^^

From Wired News
she's only 21 y.o.
162 cm
weighed 43 kg
But she can eat 183 pieces of sushi in half an hour and down 20 pounds of food in one sitting.

Sone is the newest celebrity sensation among Japan's long line of champion competitive eaters -- or "food fighters," as the entertainment industry calls them -- and a rising star on YouTube.

Presented with a gigantic bowl on a weekly variety show, Sone says, "I can eat this easily!" The human food vacuum takes a pair of chopsticks and digs into the 20-pound tub of curry, noodles and rice. For the next hour, the crowd looks on as her slender hand carries giant gobs of food from bowl to mouth. When asked how she's doing, she simply says: "This is delicious!"


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