the in-denial girl

nice article about biofuel in indo.
radiohead cover song by the flaming lips (knive out) and damien rice (creep.. yeah, i should've guess :D) from

had nice birthday :D
the full moon was there (Shamanistic banget sih :P)
got a bouquet of ROSES PINK AND WHITE from my colleagues xD
and paket alat mandi DOVE *blush*
(gara2 gw jarang mandi kali ya :D)
n a birthday card
yg gw tempel d monitor komputer gw

chauft gave a cherry-filled brownies cake, whipped cream and chocolate pieces on top on the midnight of 1st.
d kantor makan2 tart appel roomboter dan mocca slagroom

dah gtu kita malemnya JADI bikin rendang.. haha.. selese jam 2 pagi
makan..smbil liat stephen chow. but ulma fell asleep after 15 minutes. ngantuk :D

dan saya masih in-denial.. at least smpe the 11th ;)
but i mean, most human are in-denial. Tolong deh Pak.. itu Global Warming emang jelas2 salah manusia..

more today:
i want to see daniel radcliffe naked
Deathly Hallow on 21 July

Jakarta banjir
please please please.. i hope my family is okay...

4 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

kata dia kata dia *nunjuk artikel*

the mouse mengatakan...

o em Ge -___-

seriously, global warming saved the planet?
save the planet indeed, but myb not save the H. Sapiens

tp myb entar in 100 years semua mahluk bakal bermutasi
(kcuali kecoa)

Anonim mengatakan...

i wanna be mermaid :D

the mouse mengatakan...

aku tak jadi dugong wae... :P