hit by emotional wave

too much coffee is not good for my emotional stability :D
neither is listening to rock/emo station too much
reading the news (most news = bad news, geez)
and Foer's novel
(did i ever mention that this novel is truly heartbreaking? in every sense?)

..emotional load is too big..

belom lagi besok berangkat
i'll b seein my family again
(altho my bro is still in Papua)
and my grandma just passed away

n i wont b seein you for 2 weeks
i want you to know that despite our difference i still want to work it out
i wont apologise for me being different
i promise that i'll do my best to support you

instead i will apologise for not really keeping my promise
i compromise too much, me with almost everything

n we hv to postpone the chase to level 50 :D

2 komentar:

nez mengatakan...

ikut berduka cita nih, jammer he... cuma kurang 4 (or 5 hari?) til u could meet her n she's gone. is this the grandma from Padang or jkt?

hope u've had a great time in jkt :)

c u soon...

the mouse mengatakan...

5 days.. iyah sayang sekali..
ni nenek gw yg d jakarta.
yg d sumatera udh ga ada 2 years ago (pas aku lg pulang indo juga)