I did this FS-Bulletinboard-Questionnaire thingy.. its about Mum
if u think u know much about ur mom, try to
answer this Qs... here we go!

1. what's mom cooking?
* sayur kangkung/bayem, ayam kecap (basics tapi yummy)

2. what's mom fave. food?
* she loves everything! hehehe

3. what's mom fave beverage?
* hmm.. aer putih.. she's a big fan of mineral water

4. what does mom love to cook?
* anything simple n delicious :D

5. what's mom fave color?
* brown - earthly colors

6. what's mom fave song?
* hmm.. she loves songs by chrisye (terutama yang "aku masih anak sekooolah.. satu es-em-a..") easy listening stuffs, pop

7. what's mom hobby(s)?
* hmm.. socializing, hahaha..

8. what does mom dislike?
* dirty kitchen, messy bedroom, rats and mices!! :D (dan sebangsanya)

9. what does mom usually do?
* going out with her friends :D (again, socializing) and making sure that everything in the house is clean and tidy

10. what d'you think about ur mom?
* the person who i look up to on many things :)

after i read it a couple of times.. it occurs to me that some parts of me are the total opposite of Mum.. i savor coffee instead of water, my room is all messy, i love rats, i dislike being around people for too long (or too much), i dont really have principles in my life (although my faith told me that Islam is the only true principle, i hardly practise it).

for the rest, its true that i look up to her. i want to have her unlimited energy to set up things right, i want to have her radiance and keen eye for neatness and organization. but thats about it, for the rest, i refuse to be like her. she's a different human being and i am not her.

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