in-between the fuzziness today

waktu2 gini, mid-day.. dingin banget
matahari nusuk lewat jendela Y-2
tadi pagi wktu turun dari bis, the ground is covered with a thin crusts of ice.

di sebelah kiri, ada a couple.
ga tau apa itu lovebirds ato project group, klo yg kanan jelas project group
yg cewe.. kayak mix turki gitu. yg cowo kyk ada asia2nya (well both r kinda asian in some way).
they giggle n chat happily
sambil makan roti isi masing2
dan minum chocomel
so so cute
kayaknya all the problem in the world is not existent
and before leaving si cowo ngasih coklat ke cewe
yg cewe bongkar2 roti cowony
hhooww ccuuttee !!

sebelah kanan, the project group
2 cewe dan 1 cowo. dont really know in what year are they
tp tadi ngomongin branding. hmm.. communication? probably.
yg cowo n cewe dua2ny berkulit hitam, satu cowo kyk anak cina/asia timur gtu.
all three are not Dutch.
yg cewe pke jilbab
yg cowo kulit itam typical them, ngomong inggris cepet, not very comprehensible

trus, marjolijn n lida, discussing stuffs about their challenge project. those two girls rock!

so i wont b having this kind of environment in a couple of months. which is kind of sad. im sure im gonna miss this place a lot :)
i grew up here (sad but true :D)

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