reasons why i broke up

everything happens for a reason... rite?

so when a gf asked me why i broke up,
part of me doesnt want to go back to the past, recollecting the things that had happened
part of me said i need to do that.. just to have an answer to above's question.

and so, i took a deep breath, and start with:
1. i hv 2 admit that after all what happend, we dont hv that strong base 4 an LDR
2. i am overwhelmingly anxious/uneasy/u-name-it while he's more the carefree type
3. he thought that his feelings for me was more like to a friend, knp aku bilang "thought" bukan was atau is? soalny i detect a tone-change :p so he might b lying. anything to get rid of me :)

umm.. yg bagian neurotic ini yg rada bothering me..

why sy overtly-anxious?

even the ex that i thought was overtly an attention-giver, also said that i'm neurotic.

knp sy bgitu uncomfortablenya?

i think somebody said that if u're not comfy wit urself, then u can never b comfy wit others. ternyata sy blm sepenuhny sembuh dari negative feeling n thoughts :p negativity/pesimism-->neuroticism, no?

tp aku ngecek2 lagi sih di, if i fit those words "neurotic, anxious," emm partly yes. but one word that also surprised me: obsessive o_O
moi? hmm.. masa sih?

*after clicking a few times*

oh,.. okay, pheww.. ngga kok.. obsessive tu berlebihan (or mybe i am, i am obsessively neurotic :p)
and i was confusing it with: possessive

now that.. i've got nothing to do with.

and umm i thought i was going to write this long list.. but.. apparently i could just stop at #3 (geez.. that's boring)

4 komentar:

siethology mengatakan...

awwwwwwwww..... i thought i'm gonna caught some tears in it... :p take it easy... you can be as neurotic or anxious as you wanted... one guy will understand em all ;)

the mouse mengatakan...

haix... a good man is sooo hard to find *sigh

iphien mengatakan...

You are NOT over anxious..I mean it's normal for someone to be like that..i think everything is in the reason no1.
Dun tell urself that u r overanxious, u've done all u can, u called him, *imo* communication is a best way to maintain a relationship, and u tried to communicate with him, but I can't see his effort to communicate with you.
So stop those negative energy on your brain, you have better things to do. And believe me, he is not that worthy.

Btw, good men? they are either occupied or After F, we just have to learn to accept that fact =P

the mouse mengatakan...

weheheh,... bout good guys r either taken or after F, that's so true :D

so i guess u hv 2 do smthing 2 get ur hands on those who r taken? *giggle

its easier 4 u 2 say "accept the fact", since u already hv UC =p

well a friend told me that i might b like "that" (anxious/neurotic) coz it's my 1st "serious" relationship. uhuhuh..