does everybody flirt with the FedEx guy?

One thing that I enjoy the most working .. umm.. doing an internship at this office is giving packets to the FedEx pick-up guys (umm.. men?). I dont know if the company purposefully supplied themselves with cute hunks as pick-up people. Has someone done a statistic or survey about this? I mean, how come that every FedEx people that popped in to this building are cute? and most of them are males.. no FedEx lady.

The receptionist downstairs is the luckiest one, she got to see every FedEx person coming in to the building. While me can only have a glimpse on those who came to pick-up a packet of my company's. (note: there are several companies in the culture-building of Ganzenmarkt 6). Way sending out packets? Well it's a (good) thing that would occur frequently in an organization is active in multi-national relation/network.

Back to my speculation on why FedEx people are worth to be stared at. Yeah.. mybe the company has done some research that most of the peoples who would personally give the packet are women, plus most receptionist in every part of this world is women, and they are hoping that the company where the women works will send out more packets. Because these women would do things to make their company send more packets, by:
  • persuade their bosses, or if they are themselves are bosses, they would obviously know how to send more packets with the FedEx (while still efficiently uses the company's budget)
  • make small errors on the form so someone (cute) from FedEx has to return

    Or maybe, the ruler of the FedEx empire is a SHE, and this SHE very much prefer to be surrounded with cute males..


    Now i wish i could be someone like that... ;)
    well i'm sure i will do such a thing if i could have my own company and i get to choose my employees.. hehehehe... *tawa nista*

    anyway.. do you know that volle joghurt is actually tasty? 2 sugar cubes + 200 ml of it = =9
    I just gulped down the combination.. *slurrrpp*
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