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hari ini giliran ngedengerin "my station" d Yahoo! LaunchCast..

this track came: Here's Where the Story Ends - the Sundays..

The Sundays? band lawas :D jaman2 gw SMP.. ABG.. almost 10 years ago :D omg.. sudah hampir 1 dekade!

karena kangen, I looked up the band's profile on yahoo!

"After the release of Blind, the Sundays were quiet for the next several years. The only sign of the band was the use of their cover of the Rolling Stones' 'Wild Horses' in an American television commercial in 1994. It would be five years until The Sundays would release another album. Wheeler and Gavurin got married, had a baby girl named Billie, and yearned for a normal life during this time (comments by me: huhuhu lutuna...). This obviously explained their absence from the music world, but it was well worth the wait. The Sundays again achieved mainstream success with their third album, Static & Silence (1997), thanks to the popular hit single 'Summertime.' ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide"

Yup.. summertime.. my favorite song :D dulu smpet punya mp3-ny.. but skrg udh ilang deh kayakny.. ada yg mo nyumbang ke saya ga? :D

Anyway, menyenangkan juga ngedengerin My Station.. d mana lagi cba yg bakal muter the Sundays? *now lagi mendalami mellow tunesnya Battery in Your Leg (by Blur)*

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