ABC Asia Pacific - News - Australian drug suspect Schapelle Corby pleads her case in Indonesia

"Accused Australian drug trafficker, Schapelle Corby, has made an emotional plea to Indonesian judges to find her not guilty of smuggling marijuana into Bali.

Our correspondent in Bali, Peter Lloyd, says during a three-minute address to the court, Schapelle Corby denied again that she had smuggled marijuana into Bali.

She pleaded for freedom, telling the panel of judges that she had suffered enough during the seven months in jail for a crime committed by what she called 'a tactless drug smuggling network.'

At times during the presentation the judges made asides to each other, smiled wryly and one read a book on philosophy.

It is open to the court to sentence Ms Corby to death if convicted of smuggling, although this is unlikely since the prosecution has argued for a life sentence instead.

A verdict in the case isn't expected for another month."

Looks like poor Ms Corby has to spend yet another month in jail.. Another month of trying to convince Indonesian authorities that she's entrapped within a 'tactless drug smuggling network.' Mybe she should talk to the judge who was reading the philosophy book. (hm.. i wonder what the ABC correspondent meant as a "philosophy" book. Supernova? Master Q comic? or maybe Jakarta Undercover?)

Wonders what Russell Crowe has to say about it.

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