(la la la)

You must really love her
You think I don't know
But I do, yeah it's true
I think over is over

I'm right back where I started
(when it comes to wanting you)
I can't have what I wanted

If love is blind
If love's a drug
It always is
It always was

I know where I'm going
I'm tripping I'm sliding around
That's ok
At least I'm excited
It wasn't how I planned it
My feet are where I landed
(feet are staying on the ground)
-Lisa Loeb, Fools Like Me

has it nvr occurd 2 u that ure not being fair 2 her 4 concealing the truth?
has it nvr occurd 2 u that ure not being fair 2 me 4 letting me put up w/ the fact that i love u n u love me but u can nvr let go of her?
that i wish to end all this but cant coz i thought love's always worth fighting for?
but then again theres no logic in this n basically we r ok except one sole remark.. "she's the one who broke up with me, i nvr said anything that goes with (nor against) it"
i hope i could just punch u in the face n screamed "The HELL with YOU n your INDECISIVENESS!"

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