growing up is hard

when it gets to the point, that you no longer know why and what are you doing, what can you do?
read books? go outside? pray? cook? gardening? jumping around in circles?
i know my obligations, all the responsibilites
i wonder why am i easily gotten tired by it
why i know a lot of good friends of mine have more, and are having no problem in coping with them.
its easier to let go and fall down than climbing upwards
easier to ruin a relationship than maintaining one
easier to neglect every obligation than completing it
n watching animatrix makes you wonder "whats more in this life"
besides my FD, i got three books left to read :D
the Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, the H2G2, n Haroun n the Sea of Stories.. altho hvnt finished the first two, I already put them in my fav list, coz.. so far i cant stop myself reading them. dan mengingat dua2nya sngt tebalz (im reading the bundled volume of h2g2, and the other book is 1006 pages :D) kl dibaca terus2an gw bisa lupa ma yg laen2..
n today i wtchd ghost in the shell, animatrix (again) n star wars II
ghost in the shell lumayan juga, i saw the second one is already on dvd.. n cant wait to see it
the league of extraordinary gentlemen vol 1 juga dah slese, wanna read the second volume now..
i finishd v for vendetta the graphic novel 2 days ago, n it is different than the movie. myb i'll write about it later.. yg jelas yg ngadaptasiin k filmnya pinter :) the movie's richer, more magnificent, more spectacular.. im glad what they hv done to the original story n visuals (n soundtrack as well)

i met my junior high friend in YM, n she told me that lately how she missed her family (her fathr is working for freeport), n she felt stressd out by her lab-job n her studies, of course

ppl hv rough times i know, n its not good for me to whine n try to escape from the R word.
i wish i could find that motivation, the strong reason why im doing all these.. before its too late =/

2 komentar:

Rina mengatakan...

Well, I'm soo demotivated as f*ck too, just trapped in this stupid hole, can't even see any sign of light up there....kapan lulus euyy..hulp hulp

Eniwe, salut Ma, kmu masi bisa menikmati keindahan membaca walopun dihimpit tekanan untuk ngerjain fd. Me? I told myself not to read cos I have to work on my projects, and promised that I would be allowed to read as much as I want later..but in fact, I aint really working on those projects anyway...full of sh*t, arent I?

Yahh..bagimanapun juga, semangat yah Say..just get this last little boogie out the way..and you're done! Kata orang most people ngalamin ini kok Ma, especially at the last bit of something..jadi hang in there, you'll pass it before you even know it..

the mouse mengatakan...

hehe.. thanks for the encouragement ^^
sumtimes kl udh ga termotivated gtu emg bagusny 'lari' bntar ke yg laen. u know, trllu dikebut juga kadang bisa bikin motipasi ilang.. just one-two chapters while enjoying the sun, the sepoy2 wind.. n then ure on high-gear again :)