lack of color

4 days after chitra left. hari ini nganterin dian ma rina k airport. rumah kosong ni tinggal be-3, me, vina n ipte. doneeh n myshoutbox error. huh mbencekno. blum ngerjain resit. kudu buru2. marina tgl 5 juli baru balik dari praha. urus visa dll. emm.. bsok sore kerja, paginya ktemuan ma mba dina, trus cari kado buat ardy yg ultah d day after.

and when i see you
i really see you upside down
but my brain knows better
it picks you up and turns you around
turns you around, turns you around

if you feel discouraged
that there's a lack of color here
please don't worry lover
it's really bursting at the seems
absorbing everything
the spectrum's a to z

this fact not fiction
for the first time in years
and the girls in every girlie magazine
can't make me feel any less alone
i'm reaching for the phone

to call at 7:03 and on your machine a slur a plea for you to come home
but i know it's too late
i should have given you a reason to stay
given you a reason to stay (x3)

this is fact not fiction
for the first time in years

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