When I woke up this morning, the first thing that came into my mind was.. shit, i forgot to take off my lenses again. 'twas already twelve and today's my third diet day :D Oh dear..

today, i went to the Pathe with this cute american bloke, we watched the day after tomorrow. not quite a date to remember, since.. no emotional click and basically i/we are not each other's type (i guess). the movie juga basically biasa ajah,well.. keren sih, the snow cyclone and all that, and ada ombak gede ngehantam new york, jadi keinget Deep Impact (blum nonton). By the by, i love movies that has something to do with coldness, ice, snows, blizzards, you name 'em. Trus usaha survivingnya tu anak2 melawan dingin lumayan keren, mana si Sam (Jack Gyllenhaal, si Donnie Darko *screams*) juga worth eye-gagging (hek ehek..) and pas pulang tergoda pengen beli mcFlurry =p~ but still remember that i has a bigger goal, the better good.. MY DIET. So instead of following this un-healthy lust of mine, i just stopped at ah-to-go and bought a healthy Belgian-tapped-1,40 euro ah-mineral water instead.

Darling Jack in Donnie Darko with that evil-looking wabbit :S (not in the middle)  Posted by Hello

Mouth-watering flurry =9~

I didnt really eat junk food when i went out, me ordered a salad rusiani or something at a pizzeria and the bloke ordered a taggliateli, or was it something else? a tap water and diet coke, he gurggled down the ice-cube :D me ordered an orange juice. I paid off dinner since i was late (ulmaaa......!!!!) we were supposed to meet at 5 at this bend in kalverstraat and i made it to that place 20 minutes later (SHAME ON YOU!). THe salad was DAMN LOT! me didnt finish it off (feel bad bout it v_v) just ate the tuna, some sweet beans (kidney beans??) and of course, lovely-red tomatoes.. robbed my purse for a 22,15.. not quite much well 20, seth (whoops.. now i mentioned his name), paid off the 2,15.. make it 3 including the tip.

so.. 18.10 we walked back to Pathe-Munt the movie err.. the theatre door was open at 18.20. After the movie, we walked to the damrak, and parted there coz this little mouse had to go to the central station, and take the metro 54. And that's the end..

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