jurnal seorang pendiet

it's monday!!! hari ini rasanya me akan bermalas2an, kekekeke.. whoops tapi tidak! oh tidak! got a personal reflective report ahead, blum juga group file o_O (sigh..) tapi sebelum nerve kerajinan bereaksi (biasany butuh 6-10 jam :p) let's review the diet i've been doing so far, shall we? today's my fourth day, and i've lost 3 kilos already ^^ hari ini menu sarapannya bole ditambah roti (plain roti), and of course, cuppa coffee with a table-spoonful of sugar (no milk). At first,i thought that having such diet would be very torturous (as the adjective to torture ;p --> me too lazy to look it up in a dictionary). But no no no, the meals are quite heapful, i mean.. i had to take out somethings just not to throw up. For example, i do not add meat (well almost) anymore. In the end, I wish that i could loose weigh faster this way ;)

In addition to the dietary meals, i've been trying to exercise!! ha..ha..ha..ha.. well i did a 10 minutes umm.. exercise with a whachammacallit (???) last night, while watching 'Scream' in Mtv (they've been playing several blockbusters these past weeks). See.. we have this thing here at our flat, a fitness tool that shaped like an iron horse with a bike saddle and retractable foot-stepping (hehe.. ok, maybe i'm not that good at describing things, umm.. but lemme look for the picture in google)


(2 minutes later)
oh forget it,.. well it's a thing which you can ride on, no electrical units required, it also got a handle like a bike. The handle can be pulled towards you, as your leg pushes the foot-place, and yeah.. it kinda exercise your arm and leg muscle tone.. and i guess it should also tone your abs if you hold your stomach while doing the umm..exercise.

oh yea.. tomorrow i have to prepare fot the hardest..brace myself for the most indespicable.. held my high upward for the horror of.. RAW CARROT (eeeeeuuuuuggggghhh...*sputter..cough..puking*). Well..not exactly RAW as in fresh from the hearth, full with worms and germs and God knows what else, i can speed-boil it, to boil the ugly big (it has to be BIG) carrot within a short period of time. I hope my stomach could handle the distress.

Talk about distress, another horrifying thing is that i should not, MUST not eat after 6 pm.. which is.. VERY VERY HARD!!! The truth is, i could not stop myself from snacking :"> Well.. i tried not to gaggle down cakes, since.. there is no cakes, two-third of my house is on a diet. So I start to lay my hands on anything edible laying nearby. Like tonite, an undiet friend came home and brought in a.. err..cake :p so i ate a slice, and.. WHAT?? Dont stare at me like that!! it's only ONE-THIN SLICE!!! and i burned that down with the doing the fitness-thingy anyway.. (you should feel very embarassed now, ulma)

hmm.. maybe i should disciplined myself more in order to succeed, you know.. follow the rule. me is not a follow-the-rule person, but.. me should try harder!!! 9 more days to go!! And.. as a famous dietician said .. 'The difference between just living and living when you're really on your game is dramatic.' (ain't that so american?.. 'dramatic') Guess who said that? ten pats on the back for you if you guessed Robert C. Atkins, M.D., the founder and medical chair of The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine, in New York City.

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