how does this thing work *a struggle to figure out the world of blogs*

okay, so some people have blogs. Me, I didn't have it, until.. until.. a couple of days ago. Why? HERE'S why :
by the reason of jealousy (76 %),
i'm a copy cat (43 %),
it looks cool (65 %.. errr... i dont know, loose count already :p),
in-need-of-a-journal (a couple of something %)
other people r doing it, so y don't i (27%)

WHAT do people write in their blogs?
basically, their logs :p thoughts, poems, poetries, i guess people write hell-damned anything.

WHAT am I going to write in my blog?
ramblings :p tee-hee-hee..

and here's... a test-post, *trying to publish a picture :p*

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