i posted a reply on a facebook status this morning.. its really silly.. :p something i did when i just woke up, a bit dazed, n found a rhyming competition.. (ok it wasnt but felt like that to me.. lol)
Ulma Nurriva Haryanto op 16 mei om 9:01
sparrow and crow
both dont know
sticky marshmallow will clamp their maw
they fly too low
became too slow
poor bird can't eat no more
no shallow thats too narrow
nothing hollow to follow
for them there's no tomorrow
birds should not eat marshmallow
but how could they know
nature's stone's throw
when their fore
slashed open by the king's arrow

morale: the king likes to shoot birds when he has nothing to do. if you're a bird dont eat marshmallow.
and the previous lines goes like this (othr names r hidden to protect their privacy :p)
I: am i too shallow to swallow?

Gisteren om 3:41
Ulma Nurriva Haryanto op 15 mei om 11:39
only when you follow the hollow..
D: om 1:48 op 16 mei via Facebook Mobile
maybe u need marshmallow

lick them, chew it slow

but don't just swallow

so you'll forget all the sorrow

n see a better light tomorrow

that the world is not that narrow

(from a friend's note)
I om 3:38 op 16 mei via Facebook Mobile
would she be a sparrow or another crow?
That i don't know
yeah.. its full of sticky stuff, swallowing, chewing n licking...n dead birds o_O

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