wow s > losers

below is a preview on hw dutch teens chat..

- hi
* what did u do this weekend
- nothing
* how come nothing. tell me.
- played WoW a bit
* that's for losers
- its not
* oh no?
- im on level 75
* stupid game. get a life
- how come?
* look in the mirror, man
- go away
* weirdo

bahasanya, cara nyingkatnya.. ngalah2in anak indo ga sih? =p theyre the champions of creating frighteningly short txtspk xD

pic was taken from this article on trouw about how bullying behaviour has moved online in The Netherlands. rutger was "the nerd" in elsine's class. some adults might view their conversation as a case of bullying and feared a more serious effects that might caused by it. however elsine thought that it's supposed to be funny n she didnt mean to bully him. teachers at school gets more and more reports where students got into fights (especially on mondays) just because of an online conversation that happened during the weekend.

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