Anyone can be a great fortune-teller at once. This is the secret of its popularity.

You are Silver Raccoon, who is delicate in that, you still hold girlish innocence and prettiness.
Your facial expression and action is also gentle, and tends to be bit of a poser.
Even though you are gentle and quiet, there is side of you that can not control your self-indulgence.
You don't talk much, but are a proud person and will not easily listen to other people.
This makes you stiff and obstinate.
You possess calmness that will not be moved by situations.
You tend to judge people coolly.
Personality wise, you have strong emotions, and if the situation is about yourself, you tend to be easily influenced.
In personal relationships, you prefer to keep long relations than to have a short one.
Once you have met a person who would understand you, you try to keep that relationship forever.
To do this, it may be getter if you could broaden your acquaintance, and at the same time broaden your field of interest, and develop yourself as a human being.
You are not very good at organizing and clearing up.
You prefer to spend your time outside socializing.
You are suited to stay out that to stay at home.

of course i prefer long term relationship. but what happens most of the time is the opposite =p
i like the "broadening acquaintance"-part.. *giggle*
never see myself as a social person.
yea begitulah =p
btw bahasa inggrisnya kaco nih ah yg bikin..

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elvin.priyadi mengatakan...

i have to agree, you do hold a girlish innocence and prettiness.