Repeat (playlist)

tell me in the morning

oh i prmise nt to cry, anymore..

you and i are a gang of losers
..and ppl say our babies r walking this town

i die, u smile, u laugh, i cry.

I'm afraid my time has expired
I hope you'll come and dry me
I hope you can find me
I'm afraid to rust tonight

everything will be alright

and my heart, they dont beat.
they dont beat the way they used to
and my eyes they dont recognise you no more
and my lips, they dont kiss
they dont kiss the way they used to..

i love the bones of you

i could make u smile
if u stay awhile

there's a pain in my heart.

im sorry i've met u

hit me i cn take ur cheap shots.

-ramblin' (wo)man
goin back to 505

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